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to nature

Explore soundscapes collected by artists from around the world.

From the foot of a glacier calving in Antarctica to the edge of an active volcano in Ethiopia...

Travel the world and discover some of the planet's sonic wonders.


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Amazon Rainforest soundscape from Felix Blume.
The App
for everyone

In Soundscapes, experience a wonderful immersion in the sounds of the wild with professional recordings and compositions.

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature sounds, explore endangered and disappearing habitats.

Listening to nature sounds help us calm our mind to concentrate, relax and sleep better, to reduce stress and anxiety.

The artists
Sound Artist and Composer Douglas Quin

the artists

Field recordists, composers, sound hunters…


In Soundscapes, meet women and men from all over the world whose common goal is to share with us their passion for nature.


They reveal its language to us and raise our awareness of its beauty and diversity, so that we can better understand it and live in harmony with it.


Discover their visions, their missions, their art.

Fernand Deroussen

Fernand Deroussen

Field recordist & composer

Listening is an additional and essential resource that today can open our minds to changes that are occurring now, as well as those to come.

Lang Elliot

Lang Eliott

Nature recordist

Some of my best soundscapes are featured in this app. Listen using headphones and you’ll experience deep immersion… as if you are actually outdoors in the wilds.

Sophie Berger

Sophie Berger

Sound director

Because sound speaks directly to a person’s body and imagination, I try to open up spaces in which sound creates images that a listener can slip into.


for every mood

  • Boost your productivity

  • Relax & Sleep better

  • Wake up refreshed and energized

  • Explore unique places

  • Discover unusual and curious sounds

Use Soundscapes to relax and sleep.
of the app
New soundscapes every week.

Discover new soundscapes
every week

Manage your soundscapes paylists.

your own collections

Fall asleep with Soundscapes.

Set the timer
and fall asleep

Soundscapes also works offline.

Download soundscapes
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offline access


Let nature inspire you.

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